Why Does Pokémon Go Say GPS Signal Not Found 11: The Ultimate Guide

If you’re wondering why does Pokémon Go say GPS signal not found 11, you’re not alone. This in-depth article offers a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to understanding and resolving this common issue, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience.

why does pokemon go say gps signal not found 11

Understanding GPS Signal Not Found 11 Error

The error message “GPS signal not found 11” typically appears when Pokémon Go cannot establish a reliable connection to the GPS on your mobile device.

Without this crucial connection, the game is unable to determine your geographical location, which is essential for catching Pokémon, battling at Gyms, and spinning PokéStops. The error can be disruptive, causing the game to pause or behave unpredictably. Understanding this error is the first step toward resolving it effectively.

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Common Causes of GPS Error

Several factors could be the root cause of the ‘GPS signal not found 11’ error message in Pokémon Go. These can range from issues with your device’s hardware to software glitches. Common causes include:

  • Weak GPS Signal: If you’re in a location where the GPS signal is weak or obstructed, the game may not be able to establish a stable connection.
  • Device Settings: Incorrect settings on your device can lead to this issue. For instance, if your location settings are not configured to ‘High Accuracy,’ the game might have trouble connecting to the GPS.
  • Software Glitches: Sometimes, software bugs or glitches within the app or the operating system could cause this error.
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Practical Solutions to Fix the Error

Fixing the ‘GPS signal not found 11’ error in Pokémon Go can often be straightforward if you know what to do. Here are some step-by-step solutions:

  1. Restart the App: Sometimes, simply closing the Pokémon Go app and reopening it can resolve the issue.
  2. Check GPS Settings: Go to your device’s settings and ensure that your GPS is not only enabled but also set to ‘High Accuracy.’
  3. Update the App: An outdated version of Pokémon Go may contain bugs that can result in this error. Check for updates and install the latest version of the app.

Why Does Pokémon Go Say GPS Signal Not Found 11: Preventative Measures

To minimize the chances of encountering the ‘GPS signal not found 11’ error in Pokémon Go in the future, consider taking some preventative measures. Always try to play in areas with a strong GPS signal, as a weak signal is often the primary cause of this issue.

Regularly updating the app can also help, as new versions often include bug fixes and performance improvements that can prevent this and other errors from occurring.

Why Does Pokémon Go Say GPS Signal Not Found 11: Conclusion

In summary, understanding why Pokémon Go says GPS signal not found 11 is essential for a seamless gaming experience. The issue can stem from a variety of causes, including weak GPS signal, device settings, and software glitches.

Thankfully, practical solutions are available to fix the error, ranging from simply restarting the app to adjusting your device’s settings.

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By taking preventative measures like staying in areas with strong GPS signal and keeping your app updated, you can minimize the chances of encountering this error in the future. We hope this guide has been informative and useful in helping you resolve this common issue.

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