Pokemon Go GPS Signal Not Found iPhone: The Ultimate Fix Guide

If you are encountering the “Pokemon Go GPS signal not found iPhone” error, you’re not alone. This guide will take you step-by-step through a series of solutions to resolve this common issue. Stay tuned to find out how you can get back to catching them all.

pokemon go gps signal not found iphone

Understanding the “Pokemon Go GPS Signal Not Found iPhone” Issue

Before delving into the solutions, it is crucial to first understand what the “Pokemon Go GPS signal not found iPhone” error means.

This error occurs when the Pokemon Go app is unable to access your location through the GPS system of your iPhone. Various reasons can contribute to this issue, such as GPS signal interference, software bugs, or outdated app versions. In the following sections, we will explore these reasons in detail and provide solutions for each of them.

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Reasons Behind the Error

The “Pokemon Go GPS signal not found iPhone” error can pop up due to several reasons which hinder the app from accessing your iPhone’s GPS system correctly. Let’s delve deeper into the common causes behind this error:

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GPS Signal Interference

GPS signal interference is one of the common reasons behind the “Pokemon Go GPS signal not found on iPhone” error.

Various elements such as tall buildings, dense forests, and even certain weather conditions can interfere with the GPS signal. It is essential to be in an open space where the GPS signal can easily reach your device.

Software Bugs

At times, the error can be a result of bugs in the software. It happens when there are glitches in the app or the operating system of your iPhone which prevent the app from accessing the GPS correctly.

Ensuring that your app and the OS are up-to-date can help in avoiding this issue. We will explain how to do this in the solutions section.

Outdated App Version

Running an outdated version of the Pokemon Go app might result in the “Pokemon Go GPS signal not found on iPhone” message appearing. Developers continually update apps to fix bugs and improve overall performance.

Ensure to regularly update the Pokemon Go app to the latest version available in the App Store to avoid such issues. Check out the upcoming section to learn how to update the app effectively.

How to Fix “Pokemon Go GPS Signal Not Found iPhone”

Now that we have understood the possible reasons behind the error, let’s move on to the solutions. In this section, we will guide you step-by-step to resolve the “Pokemon Go GPS signal not found iPhone” issue.

Step 1: Check Your Internet Connection

The first step in resolving the “Pokemon Go GPS signal not found iPhone” issue is to ensure you have a stable internet connection. Sometimes, weak internet connectivity can be the culprit. Try switching between Wi-Fi and mobile data to see if the problem resolves.

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Step 2: Update Pokemon Go App

To update the app and potentially fix the “Pokemon Go GPS signal not found iPhone” error, go to the App Store, search for Pokemon Go, and click update if it is available. Keeping the app updated ensures that you have all the bug fixes and latest features that can prevent this error from occurring.

Step 3: Reset Network Settings

Another potential solution to the “Pokemon Go GPS signal not found iPhone” problem is resetting your network settings. This will clear all the current settings and might help in resolving the issue. To do this, navigate to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Be cautious as this will also erase saved Wi-Fi passwords.

Step 4: Enable Location Services

To play Pokemon Go without the “GPS signal not found iPhone” hindrance, ensuring that location services are enabled is crucial. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and make sure the toggle is green, which indicates it’s on.

Also, set the Pokemon Go app to “While Using the App” to allow it to access your location while you are using the app. Find more information on enabling location services on the Apple official site.

Step 5: Restart Your iPhone

If the “Pokemon Go GPS signal not found iPhone” error persists despite trying the above steps, a simple restart can sometimes do the trick.

Turn off your iPhone and wait for a few seconds before turning it back on. This action can help in refreshing the system and possibly resolving the issue. Learn how to properly restart your iPhone here.

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Preventing Future “Pokemon Go GPS Signal Not Found iPhone” Errors

Now that we have explored various solutions to this pervasive problem, let’s look at some preventive measures to avoid facing the “Pokemon Go GPS signal not found on iPhone” error in the future.

Regular Updates

As emphasized earlier, keeping the Pokemon Go app updated is essential.

Regular updates not only provide new features but also contain bug fixes that can prevent the “Pokemon Go GPS signal not found on iPhone” error from occurring. Set your iPhone to update apps automatically to stay updated. Learn how to enable automatic updates here.

Maintaining a Stable Internet Connection

Ensuring a stable internet connection can go a long way in preventing the “Pokemon Go GPS signal not found on iPhone” issue. Always try to connect to a reliable Wi-Fi network or maintain a strong cellular data connection to enjoy a seamless gaming experience.


We hope this guide helps you resolve and prevent the “Pokemon Go GPS signal not found on iPhone” error. By following the steps and tips provided, you can enjoy a seamless Pokemon Go experience on your iPhone. Happy gaming!

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