Pixel XL GPS Signal Not Found: A Guide to Fixing this Common Issue

If you are encountering the “pixel xl gps signal not found” error on your smartphone, it’s crucial to act promptly to regain the indispensable GPS functionalities. Fortunately, there are precise steps that you can take to resolve this concern. This guide will offer a comprehensive walkthrough to fix the “pixel xl gps signal not found” error, enabling a hassle-free user experience.

pixel xl gps signal not found

Understanding the ‘Pixel XL GPS Signal Not Found’ Error

First and foremost, it is imperative to comprehend the underlying causes of the “pixel xl gps signal not found” error. This issue can stem from software glitches, outdated apps, or irregularities with your device’s GPS hardware.

A deep understanding of the problem facilitates a smoother troubleshooting process. For instance, physical barriers like tall buildings, trees, or sometimes even weather conditions can hinder the GPS signals reaching your device.

Moreover, inaccuracies in location settings or obsolete app versions can be potential culprits behind the error message appearing on your screen. Understanding these nuances is the key to solving the problem efficiently.

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Step 1: Verify Your Location Settings

To start the troubleshooting process for the “pixel xl gps signal not found” error, begin with verifying your location settings. It is fundamental to ensure that the location settings on your device are activated and set to the high accuracy mode to attain the most precise location data. Navigate through “Settings” > “Location” > “Mode” and select “High accuracy” to adjust this setting.

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Moreover, keeping the Google Maps app up-to-date can prevent such errors, as outdated versions can sometimes be incompatible with the current GPS functionalities. Regular checks for app updates are recommended to maintain seamless operation.

Step 2: Update Your Device’s Software

Often, the solution to the “pixel xl gps signal not found” dilemma lies in a simple software update. These updates are designed not only to introduce new features but also to rectify bugs and enhance existing functionalities, including GPS services.

It is advisable to maintain an updated software version to ensure the optimal performance of all applications. To check for updates, follow the pathway: “Settings” > “System” > “System updates”. Adhere to the on-screen guidelines to install any available updates, which might be the solution to your GPS concerns.

Step 3: Reset Network Settings

When the initial steps don’t yield a solution, resetting the network settings emerges as a robust solution to the “pixel xl gps signal not found” issue. This method involves reverting network settings such as Wi-Fi passwords and other configurations to their default states, potentially eliminating any conflicting settings causing the error.

To undertake this, head over to “Settings” > “System” > “Reset options” > “Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth”. Take heed that this process will remove all saved networks and settings, hence, it is prudent to note down necessary details before proceeding with the reset.


To sum up, navigating through the “pixel xl gps signal not found” error might initially seem daunting, but with a methodical approach, you can overcome this obstacle efficiently.

Remember the importance of data backup before initiating significant steps like network settings reset. The road to resolving the issue demands patience and a systematic strategy.

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In case of persistent problems, seeking assistance from professional tech support or engaging in community forums can offer additional insights and help. Armed with the right guidance, you can quickly get back on track.

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