how to put a gps tracker on someone's phone

How to put a GPS Tracker on Someones Phone

Very often we worry about people in our lives. Sometimes we worry about where they go to, who they hang out with. Most importantly, we want to know if they actually go to the places they tell us they go to.

Well, while you cannot possibly follow them around to confirm your doubts, you can certainly do so using GPS devices. You can learn how to put a GPS tracker on someones phone.

This is mostly the case we have with our children, girlfriends, fiancé/fiancée, and even some cases our spouses. Of course, the need for monitoring our loved ones or close associates is not always borne out of lack of trust.

Sometimes it could just be to keep them safe. Whatever the case may be, you would not want them to know that they are being monitored.

So, it is clear that whatever solution that should be preferred should also take into cognizance the fact that monitoring these people has to be done covertly.

how to put a gps tracker on someone's phone
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There are so many places where you could place a GPS device in order to monitor people or even eavesdrop on their conversations. One such place is in their car, on their bike or motorcycle if they have one or even on their clothes.

In all of these options, there is a high possibility that some of these folks do not have cars or even motorbikes. Placing a tracking device on their clothes is a very risky choice and is not a recommended line of action.

The implication is that you have to know what they wish to wear out and you have to consistently risk exposing yourself each time you want to tag them with a tracking device. This leaves you with one real option, tagging their phones.

Mobile phones are the most strategic device for monitoring people. This is because our mobile phones have become an essential part of our daily lives. People go everywhere with their phones.

Yes, we also use our phones even in the restroom. So, the best place to put the monitoring device is on the phone.

GSM Network Localization

In tracking mobile phones, the use of a physical tracking device is not possible. You know, it is entirely ridiculous to attach a mini GPS tracker on a phone. The aim is entirely defeated. You cannot hide a 2-inch device in a 6-inch cell phone.

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Because of this, there are specific technologies that were developed to monitor the location of mobile phone users through their phones.

The first of these uses cell phone towers to track the position of the mobile phone. This is the popular principle of triangulation. This mathematical principle is based on the fact that cell phones are always communicating with the nearest cell phone towers.

how to put a gps tracker on someone's phone
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So, to track the position of the mobile phone, at least three nearby network towers are needed to triangulate the position of the mobile phone.

This technique requires a high density of network towers within the area to improve the accuracy of the operation. As such, this works better in cities where there are a lot of network towers. In such places, the precision of the calculation could be up to a 50-meter radius.

However, in remote areas with very few network towers, you will struggle to get very accurate location data. The real issue with GSM Network localization as it is popularly called is that you need the network provider to perform this operation.

Obviously, you will need some very high-security clearance to have access to such information and with very good reasons too.

The other alternative requires the installation of some type of client software or spyware into the mobile phone. We now have Software that have the capacity to crawl the entire network system of your phone and give information to an onlooker in some remote location.

Such Software are designed as applications installed in mobile phones. This is mostly suitable for android, apple, and in some cases, windows phone users.

Such apps are able to give out your exact location, tap your calls, and even your text messages without you having the slightest clue of what is happening. Yes, this is actually creepy. Funny enough this is not all, they are also able to track your activities on social media and on the internet.

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The truth about the internet is that it is like walking in a swamp. You cannot pass without leaving a trail. It is always possible to track what you are doing or even the things you have done (and probably deleted) as long as the person has the right software and skill set to execute it.

These make phone tracking apps just about the best tool for tracking the activities of the people in your life or working for you. These days, we have a wide variety of tracking applications that are compatible with android phones which you can easily get on google play store or apple store.

How to put a GPS Tracker on Someones Phone

Having known the great and enormous possibilities with cell phone tracking applications, now is the time to learn how to plant that tracking app in your child or spouse’s phone or on the phone of whoever you may wish to track.

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In using a phone tracker app, you will need to have access to the phone just once to enable you to install the app. The good thing about some of these apps is that they are hidden and cannot be removed. Once you install the app, it will immediately begin to upload the data it obtains to an online server.

You can access this data on the online platform of the app. Right there, you can use your laptop, tablet or even your own phone to monitor them. You will have access to their voice calls, texts, social media interactions, browsing history, their chatting applications and so much more.

Now let us review some phone tracker apps that you can install that do not require the owner’s permission to use.

mySpy Phone Tracking Software

This application is able to view and track the target’s call log and tap their voice calls. It gives you access to their social media handles and allows you to view their activities.

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It essentially gives you access to all the aforementioned information for your pleasure. The first step is to search or read about free mobile phone locators. Download anyone that meets your specification.

Some of these applications can only be used in certain android versions. You have to make sure you read the review on the application before downloading it. Remember you are downloading this app to install it in your target’s phone.

So, you should know the android version of the phone before choosing the app to download. Some of the apps require that you go premium to be able to access some of the features you desire.

You have to do the needful and download the app. Further details on how to install the app will be sent to your email.

The next thing to do is to send the link for downloading the app to the phone you wish to spy on. Go to the phone and follow the same procedure to download and install it on the phone.

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You will be presented with options on the mode of installation, ensure that you choose “stealth mode”. This mode hides the app on the phone.

Go back and log into your account with the client software using the device you wish to use as your remote monitoring device. Allow the accounts to sync before proceeding to the dashboard. Once you open the dashboard, there you will find all the said features the app can offer.

At that time, you will already be able to access and see what is going on the other side. Navigating through the apps is easy, you only need to be able to read to operate them.

There are other ways of monitoring the device of people. One of such alternatives involves searching the phone number of the person on google. You can also do this on android phones and iPhone spying apps.

However, you will also need to activate the location settings on the phone of your target for this to be possible.

Here is a video that further shows how to tag a person’s phone with a GPS tracker:

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