Android Searching for GPS All The Time? Follow These Simple Fixes

If you find your Android searching for GPS all the time, it can quickly become a vexing problem. But don’t fret; this comprehensive guide offers a detailed step-by-step breakdown to help you understand the issue and get your GPS back on track.

android searching for gps all the time

Why is Android Always Searching for GPS?

When you notice that your Android searching for GPS all the time, it’s essential to understand the possible causes.

Outdated software, like old versions of Google Maps or even the Android operating system itself, could be causing the GPS to act erratically. Sometimes, background apps that require location services can also hog the GPS, forcing it to search continuously.

Moreover, your phone settings may also contribute. If location settings are configured inaccurately or conflict with each other, your device might be caught in a loop of searching for GPS. In some rare instances, the GPS hardware itself may be faulty.

Impact on Battery Life

One immediate concern when your Android is always searching for GPS is battery drain. According to Consumer Reports, constant GPS activity ranks among the top battery-consuming tasks. When the GPS is always on, your device continuously communicates with satellites, and this is power-intensive.

Additionally, background apps that constantly request GPS data add to the power usage. This can cut your device’s battery life by as much as 50%, depending on how often the GPS is activated. Hence, resolving the issue isn’t just about improving GPS functionality but also crucial for prolonging your phone’s battery life.

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Steps to Fix GPS Issues

Update Google Maps

The first step in solving the issue of Android searching for GPS all the time is updating Google Maps. To do this, open Google Play Store, navigate to ‘My apps & games,’ find Google Maps, and click ‘Update.’ According to the Google Maps Help Center, running an outdated version can lead to multiple GPS problems.

Toggle Airplane Mode

Next, try toggling your device’s Airplane mode on and off. This action resets the phone’s network settings, which could solve lingering GPS issues.

Restart Your Phone

Switch off your device and turn it back on. It might sound overly simple, but this action can solve a multitude of issues, including those related to GPS.

Reset Location Settings

Go to your device’s Settings, navigate to ‘Location,’ and then tap ‘Reset to default.’ This action can often clear any glitches causing your Android to keep searching for GPS.

Visit a Repair Center

If all else fails, the issue might be with the hardware. Consult a professional by taking your device to the nearest authorized repair center. A malfunctioning GPS chip could be the culprit, which may require specialized repair.

Android Searching for GPS All The Time Conclusion

Android searching for GPS all the time is not just an inconvenience; it can also severely affect your device’s battery life. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you should be able to identify and fix the issue effectively. For persistent problems, always consult professionals to examine your device’s hardware.

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